Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor is a valuable step in your journey as a future podiatrist. Shadowing with a mentor will show you the day to day work of a DPM.

A letter of recommendation from a shadowing mentor is required to apply to many schools and colleges of podiatric medicine.

Mentorship is a great first step on the path to becoming a doctor of podiatric medicine.  This opportunity to follow a DPM at work allows you to see what kind of patients, what kind of issues, and what kind of environments you’ll encounter as a podiatrist.  You can ask questions about the podiatric medical school experience, work life balance, or anything else that you want to know more about the profession.Students who shadow a DPM are often allowed to watch actual patient procedures, discuss potential diagnoses with the physician or permitted to review diagnostic images with the DPM.

Start by finding a mentor at and we’ll connect you with a practicing DPM in your area.   

Ksenja Llazar
School Name: NYCPM
Graduation Year: 2023

“Mentors will help you navigate the profession by providing support, guidance and firsthand knowledge of the field … Being able to find a mentor who you see yourself in is so important because they challenge you and help you reach higher heights.”